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Brazil & Ethiopia
Medium roast | Light body
Citrus ~ Cherry ~ Caramel
Brooks and I once took a mountain bike trip to The White Rim in Moab. If you’ve never been, the rim is this amazing 100 mile ride through Canyonlands. We were all loaded up to backpack for an overnight in the park, and we were totally stoked about it. But then the trip began and it quickly became known to us as “the ride from hell”. Brutal wind persisted, and we were faced with steady gusts right into our teeth for the entire 100 miles. We were praying every inch of the way for a tailwind. That story came to mind when we were working out the perfect blend for our easy drinking, crowd pleasing, medium roast. Once we had it down, the name fit like a glove. Tailwind appeals to someone who enjoys the drinkability of a dark roast, but allows palatability for one who loves the hints of a lighter body. The lighter a roast gets, the more bland it can become, so we made sure that Tailwind kept character and body, while not overwhelming your breakfast, and still being able to hold up to the test of mixing it with milk. Tailwind is the relief you are looking for in your daily routine to propel you forward into what is next on the to-do list.