The making of a fine cup of coffee.

One fine day, Logan House Coffee Company's co-founder Andre Janusz made a pit stop in California. Two years later, he moved back to Denver, Colorado, bringing a mastery of coffee roasting knowledge with him. Together, with co-founder Brooks Gagstetter, the two started a coffee home-delivery business that changed the Denver coffee scene with one simple concept: fresh roasted coffee delivered right to your door, when you want it.

Over the years we have a learned a bit about what it takes to make those little green coffee beans sing. While we no longer offer home delivery, we have a number of awesome shops around the Denver Metro area. We have our flagship coffee shop in the Stanley Marketplace, a location in RINO and a warehouse with a beautiful roaster named "Freya," and more on the way.

It's safe to say we are pretty jazzed about all of this, and hope you will come visit us. There is nothing we love more than sharing our coffee with great people.