What can we say about us

And now for something a little different...

Well not completely different, let's say we learned a few things over the years working in corporate America:

  • We really like coffee… (ok, we need it)
  • A great cup was often the high point of the day, and
  • We don't think we're alone.

So we stepped out to do something new, different, tasty and what we're passionate about.

How did you get from the salt mill to coffee barn?

Well it began with Andre's poorly planned trip to Tierra del Fuego on a weighed down motorcycle, but that trip was railroaded after three months and a stop at a coffee roaster in California.  After learning the process and the business, the Motorcycle Diary trip was over and Logan House Coffee Company was born.  

What’s Logan House?

Logan House was the name of Andre’s house in the 60’s and 70’s when it was a small hotel, er... yeah we'll call it a hotel. We’re not certain you could get a room by the hour, but we’re pretty sure it was not a real nice place.  If those walls could talk… That roof line on our logo is a remake of the roof line of the actual house.

What’s with the wine bottle?

We thought about many different packages but none that were quite right.  We wanted something different and something recycled (or at least recyclable), and something about bags didn't seem cool or different enough for us.  One morning while cleaning up from the night before's festivities, it occurred to us... 'What about these?'  We've tried all kinds of bottles since then but found that wine bottles work best and our wino friends are happy to contribute to the cause. When our friends couldn't keep up, we made some new friends at some of our favorite restaurants who just happen to serve a bottle or two.  And you're getting some serious benefit from having it in wine bottles, they are a self containing storage vessel for those delicious little black and brown fellows. Each bottle holds about a week's worth of coffee.

So am I helping the environment?

Abso-flippin-lutely.  When you get one of our recycled wine bottles, you are extending the life of that wine bottle by 100% before any major industrial processing!  Talk about helping out mother nature.  I think you can all figure out that the environmental impact from reuse is significantly higher that recycling where you have to crush it, melt it and reform it. Just think of reuse as the unicorn of recycling.

Why deliver?

    1. We really want to meet your dog
    2. Gas mileage in our trucks is amazing
    3. We need to get out of the shop

... all true but the real reason we deliver is it's the fastest way to get fresh coffee to you.  We'll bring it by bike when & where we can.

    Why is fresh so important? My coffee bag says 'best before...'

    We’re pretty sure the tomatoes from your garden don't have a shelf life as like spam either.  The truth is that roasted coffee has a short shelf life.  Flavor profiles can start to deteriorate after 2 weeks and by a month you'll definitely notice some differences from your once freshly roasted coffee. So what was once a smooth, flavorful roast turns bitter, edgy, and flavorless.  Hot, wet, and caffeinated... yes. Smooth, flavorful, and delicious... um, no… that train left the station. We can come by every weeks or two with the good stuff.


    Andre Janusz

    He's the mastermind behind all this Jazz, well the delicious beans and coffee anyway...  Andre is the master roaster and sometime we think his entire existence revolves around finding the perfect beans and roasting them to bring out the most flavor, depth, color, etc.  He's almost like a bean whisperer if there was such a thing.  From his history in Florida skiing to his llama sheering past time, he is a man of several talents and interests.  And we are always a supporter of his graduate alma mater, The Daniels School of Business @ DU and we continue to thank them for their support of our budding business!



    Brooks Gagstetter

    Well, he's the other guy in our operation. Yep, no roasting for him but holy cow talk about an understanding of the different flavor profiles.  His taste buds may have been refined by his old sommelier roommate or from Andre's incessant demands to taste each of his masterpieces.  Either way, it works.  Being almost a native (born in the wintery mountains of Alaska), his family is just down the street with their own local businesses.  Some people call Brooks stubborn but it's usually because he can't seem to stop cheering for his poor Colorado Buffaloes.