Powder Day

$ 17.00
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 Brazil & Sumatra

Dark roast | Full body

Dark chocolate ~ Smokey ~ Nutty

As skiers, we are always chasing a powder day. Perfect timing and a good bit of luck come into play when chasing the high of a freshly laid blanket on the slopes, but there’s nothing quite like a perfect day on the mountain. That’s got a little bit to do with how we landed on naming our signature roast, Powder Day. Our traditionally dark roasted coffee is the perfect balance of body, sweetness, and earthiness. It is a perfect blend of Brazil and Sumatra beans, each of which bring their own distinct flavor to the party. Brazil brings the body, and provides our dark roast with an always satisfying fullness. The bold and sweet base of the Brazil when cut appropriately by the smokiness of the Sumatra bean makes for the perfect cup of coffee that you just can’t have one of! Powder Day in your mug feels just like a powder day in the Rockies.