Mountain Sunset Decaf

$ 17.00
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Brazil & Colombia
Medium roast | Medium body
Milk chocolate ~ Caramel ~ Almonds
Mountain Sunset is the decaf version of our crowd pleaser. Most people grabbing a coffee want the energy boost, but decaf drinkers seek out their beverage of choice for their legitimate love of the coffee flavor. Decaf roasts can be tricky because of how delicate the bean becomes through the caffeine extraction process. Our brazil and Columbia blend showcases how much attention to detail goes into a good decaf. Mountain Sunset is a deliciously balanced medium roast with a bold brazil body so it holds up as a drip, and the sweetness of the Colombia bean offers a prominent flavor to keep the coffee uninhibited in milk drinks. Everyone loves a good sunset, but a keen eye can identify the subtle, beautiful intricacies of how a mountain sunset stands apart from any other — a refined palate can find those same intricacies in this blend.