Mountain Goat Espresso

$ 17.00
Tax included.

Brazil - Ethiopia - Colombia
Medium roast | Medium body
Brown sugar ~ Cocoa ~ Meyer lemon
I had this friend back in college who was a professional triathlete, and when I say this guy was an absolute lunatic for physical challenge and accomplishments, it’s 100% the truth. To almost no surprise at all, his coffee drinking habits aligned perfectly with his hobbies. He was go, go, go all the time, and supplemented his lifestyle with straight espresso consumption like I’ve never seen before. One day, while trying to keep up with him on a bike trail, I felt as if I were chasing after an actual mountain goat, and it was that memory in the front of my mind when we finally nailed our espresso blend. Mountain Goat is great on its own as the Ethiopia bean brings acidity and brightness to the party, but the strength of the Brazil bean and cocoa notes from Colombia keep it prominent in milk drinks. The Mountain Goat Espresso blend can power you through your day while pleasing your taste buds no matter how you choose to drink it.