Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat

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We’ve been working on this espresso blend for a friend who’s infuriating to ride with. He dusts us on the climbs every time and screams by on downhills, on a rigid single speed no less. He is ‘that guy’. He starts his day with four straight shots and ‘tones it down’ as the day progresses… as if there was anywhere to go but down from four shots. He likes his espresso heavy and smooth with plenty of character. The Mountain Goat has great
fruit, apricot and cranberry flavor with a bittersweet chocolate aroma. Don’t ride with this guy, but do enjoy his blend.

Origin: Various (Central & South American mostly)

Roast: Medium / Full City+

Comments from our friends: "Fruit Loops!! Fruit Loops & chocolate chips! I love it."   "Sweet and tasty, very smooth."